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How wonderful the Mesa Triple Crown is? [Preset inside]


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Great tone (and playing). @Valhallir I've been using factory cabs 513 & 515 (brit 68 pinstripe) a lot, well for all my Marshall tones. Which pack is that on your website, the Green69?
The cab packs from the VH-series have been retired due to the release of our V2-series. The improved Pre-Rola Geenback 4x12 cab pack successor to the Pin68 is in fact the V2-Green69.

Frank Pearl

Sorry for being late.
this is the preset. In the video i used these IR from @Valhallir on channel A
Cab 1: V2-Angie-r-R121-A6 Settings: PAN 0, Level 0
Cab 2: V2-Angie-d-SM57-A6 Settings: PAN 0, Level 0
Cab 3: V2-Angie-k-sE8-A-MF Settings: PAN 0, Level -10

on Channel B , you can use also Steve Stevens cabs: SS Stereo IR2 L and SS Stereo IR2 R panned hard left and hard right .

hope you enjoy it!


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