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How will you use the FM3? Share your upcoming rig ideas!

Been using the Ax8 for gigging and rehearsals for about a year now. I plan to replace it with an FM3 and an FC6 and my mission expression pedal. FM3 for preset up and down and tuner/tap tempo, FC6 for 3-4 scenes and some individual effects


My intent is to try the FM3 with my EV-1 pedal and possibly a second expression (Boss) but considering using the second EXP jack to control a Boss FS-7 dual footswitch I have lying around. Perhaps using the FS-7 for preset up/down but will experiment.
I also have a DM3 MIDI switcher but once I get the FM3, I can try a few alternatives.

The FC-6 would be nice but my next major purchase will go towards the Boss SY-1000 which I hope to buy come December.
Is there anyway we can mount FM3 on a pedalboard but can remove them easy and put on my studio desk for jamming practicing at night? All the pedaltrain I saw so far using velcro and its pretty hard to remove


I’ll be using it for small to medium gigs. The Axe 3 will stay at home. Depending on how well I can navigate 3 switches to get all my presets I want to use, I will keep it small and compact. No other foot controllers. I’ll have a wah pedal and mostly go from clean, rhythm and lead. Then bank up or down for other useful presets. I may use my Matrix amp, or I could go for my Marshall through the FX send. Idk yet. Keeping it simple.


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Option 1 ; mono, 4CM with an EVH5150 III 50watt 6L6 into a 212 loaded with celestion G12EVH and Vintage 30 speakers.

Option 2 ; stereo, FRFR with a pair of atomic CLR active wedges

Option 3 ; stereo, into a behringer inuke6000 powering a 212 or 412 traditional cab.

Option 4 ; stereo direct to FoH, monitored through IEMs.

Option 5 ; home setup USB to PC as an audio interface using beyerdynamic DT990 pro phones for monitoring

Kenny fordham

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My basic setup is as follows.

FM3 layout 2 is set as the startup layout, which I've set up as follows:
  • Switch 1: Scene 1; no hold function - GREEN
  • Switch 2: Scene 2; no hold function - YELLOW
  • Switch 3: Scene 3; no hold function - RED
The first external switch will change the layout from 2 Scenes to 1 Presets, which I've set up as follows:
  • Switch 1: Preset -1 (limited to 400-432, wrap). Hold for -10.
  • Switch 2: Preset +1 (limited to 400-432, wrap) Hold for +10.
  • Switch 3: Return to layout 2.
The second switch is a stand in with tap tempo and tuner.

The expression pedal is external 1. This will be a wah, volume or whammy, depending on the preset/scene.

I run stereo over XLR to two RCF NX12s. XLR THRUs on these go to the mixer/PA. I'd like to switch to some smaller monitors.

A few presets use only one scene. These have per-preset effects programmed for switches two and three in the scene layout.
I'm totally new to the modeling world, so thanks to everyone for posting, helps me out a lot and it's interesting as well
I like this setup, but how do you connect the external switches to the FM3? Are you talking the FC-6 or 12?

Also I think I'll go with a clean power amp like the Seymour Duncan Powerstage 170 or the Orange pedal baby 100
I have an old 73 Marshall 4x12 with the greenbacks, it's 100w at 16ohms, the Orange is 70w at 16ohms , but I don't know what the Seymour Duncan is.

Besides the weight savings, what is the advantage of using FRFR over an actual cab and turning off the cab block for it?


I'd have 2 set ups,where there is no danger of Beer spillage I'd go
Sennheiser wireless xsw/FM3/2 external switch/expression pedal/matrix Gt1000/Mesa 4 x 12 cab
Cab sim to FOH

or for risky gigs Morningstar Mc6 plus expression pedal out front and the rest safely behind me,
perhaps the Morningstar Mc8 instaed of Mc6,the extra 2 switches might be good to have


My rig will be pretty simple.

Guitar -> TC Electronic PolyTune -> EV-2 -> FM3 -> Matrix FR10 or IEM’s / FOH

I may add a few switches for additional functions, but I’m pretty confident that the three switches will do everything I need.

I’ll probably end up picking up a Temple DUO 17 board. I measured everything out and the PolyTune, EV-2, and FM3 will fit perfectly with the option of adding a dual switch box.

View attachment 63644
Did you use a software editor to create this graphic of your upcoming board? It looks great 😎


Depending on how I can adapt to the "Views", then it will be the FM3 and an expression pedal (Mission Idontknow).
If that won't work out (I actually hope so :D), I will mount a FC6 and the expression pedal to one small block, and use the FM3 as "grab and go" unit solely. This way, I can leave the FC6 and expression pedal in the rehearsal room, and can transport the FM3 by bicycle. Or transport both with the bike :D

This would replace my AX8 rig, no additional effects whatsoelse. Maybe a H9 later on, but that's not mandatory. Keeping the rig as small and portable as possible.


Here is my layout plan using the planner on the Temple Boards site and a DUO34.

On the side of the FC6 are 2 TRS switches that I am currently using with my Axe Fx 3 and extends the function of the FC6 greatly for me when performing live. They are attached with magnets and a little spot of silicone.

And with the additional 3 switches on the FM3 I will need to plan a use for them as well. Most likely one will at least be a dedicated Tap Tempo with a BPM readout.

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My current setup is guitar into FX8 then 4CM to a Boogie MKV 25 and 1x12 cab. It sounds fantastic and I have the FX8 dialed in to suit the band I play in (all function band stuff). I don't have the option to just go direct so if I decide to replace all this with an FM3, I would need a powered cab of some sort.

Anyway, I have a while before my name comes up on the European waitlist so plenty of time to see them in the wild and see how people are adjusting and working with them.


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My original plan was to put the FM3 and my FC-6 on a pedalboard and run all the cables back to my FRFR backline. Just cause that's how I did it with my AX8. But with the FM3 I don't need to do that. I can put the FM3 on top of my FRFR at the backline and just run my FC-12 board out to the front of the stage with an XLR like I do now with the Axe-Fx III.
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