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How to Use Scenes, Presets and XY Live Stream workshop - anyone interested?

What day works best?

  • Monday Oct 6

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  • Wednesday Oct 8

    Votes: 1 25.0%
  • Thursday Oct 9

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  • Friday Oct 10

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  • Saturday Oct 11

    Votes: 3 75.0%

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before i record and produce a video on Scenes, Presets and XY, i was wondering if anyone would be interested in a live stream workshop on that topic. it'll give me a chance to hear from the community about what they think about scenes and any issues when using them, which i can include in my video.

i would conduct the live stream on my website similar to my chat: KKM Chat | Katsu Kuri Media Blog

i would like to charge a nominal fee for viewing the workshop, maybe $5-10 via paypal.

is anyone interested? i'd like to do it sometime next week. if it goes well, i could do another on the same topic or we could vote on another topic later.

if you are interested, please tell me what days or times are generally good for you - please include the time zone so i can calculate it! maybe i could do one for US-ish time zones, and another for EU-ish time zones.

let me know! thanks.


Forum Addict
Will you record the stream and release the video so that we can buy it from you for that fee at a later time ?
just considering timezone differences :)

I would gladly pay for instructions about this machine :)
(just waiting for payday so I can get cooper carters 6 hour class) ..



Hmm... A few different ways to do this I see. I could record the stream but it may not be as concise as an edited video, too much rambling haha.

Lemme think.

Scented Meat

I'm sure there are many forum members who, like me, were unable to view the live stream of CC's videos in August, and found the recorded videos (for purchase) invaluable. I'm interested in seeing your video, but I'll almost certainly not be able to see it live (that whole "work" thing just gets in the way). I'd gladly pay $10 to see it at my leisure, as you always do good work.


definitely understood. my intention was to do the stream, and then take the information and make a concise video so no one would miss anything.
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