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How to set default scene for ANY preset


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After banging my head for hours trying to figure out how to get a preset to default to a different scene, I finally figured it out. You don't need any fancy pedal programming (tried that, can't recommend it). You need 1 simple little parameter in the I/O menu called "Map to scene".

Go to I/O, Midi page
Set "Mapping Mode" to Custom
Map From Preset: This is the preset you wish to work with. You'll notice that the "Map to Preset" also changes. It does this because you can actually change which Midi PC# corresponds to which preset number. By default they match.
Map to Preset: See above. Match the "from" parameter to keep it at default.
Map to Scene: Simply select which scene you want the "Map From Preset" number to default to! Every time you change to that preset via PC midi message, you'll default to this scene!

If you're using an IA to send the PC message, I also recommend to change "Ignore Redundant PC" to "On". That way you won't get any stuttering if you are using an IA to send the PC message and have that IA LED as "On" in your pedal display settings.
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I have to admit that I saw that, but stopped reading because I didn't think it applied to my problem. It appeared that it was for non-MFC foot pedals and I was looking for an MFC solution. Your example is very cool though as I hadn't even thought of mapping presets 1, 2, and 3 to the SAME preset using custom mapping. Such a powerful tool that is!
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