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How to reduce pick attack?


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With the II there was a setting you could use for that. It’s no longer in the III but perhaps it can be replicated with other settings ?


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I had the same problem and I just changed the picks I used. Not saying the solution can't be found in the Axe FX but I figured I'd try fixing the problem at its source.


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Is it the quick volume explosion you don't like or the "chirp" sound of the pick you want to get rid of?

If it's a volume thing, try a limiter.

If it's the chirp sound, you might want to look at altering your picking technique.

If you're desperate and in a pinch, maybe try applying some hi-cut right at the guitar's input?
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Turn down your guitar's volume pot a little... Some point about 8/10 should work, depending on the pickup.
Picks and picking technique, as said, are also crucial...
Working on the source is way more effective than trying to fix it by eq'ing or so. Pick attack doesn't use to be centered around an specific frequency, and it's a transient signal, so there are not "magical tricks" to remove it. Not even the "pick attack" feature in the axe II...


Try this:

1) Use the looper to record a short clip of your playing.

2) Use a PEQ to Sweep through the frequencies. +10 dB high q until you find the offensive frequency.

3) Cut offensive frequency.

Alternatively, you may have success just by turning the tone knob on your guitar down. Hope this helps!


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If you're talking about pick thump, reducing the Cathode Follower Compression (last tab of Amp block) can change the character significantly. Don't know if the Friedman has a non-zero value (I'm not in from of my unit).
Try some EQ adjustments in the midrange. Sucking out just the right frequencies can reduce pick sound a lot without affecting tone overall...much.

I wanted to get MORE of a pick sound and some EQ boost in certain midrange frequencies got me there.


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Using a Friedman sim with my prs I would have less pick attack tone... How can I do that?

I've had some luck with multi-band compression applied to a narrow range around 2k-2.5k. I could never get that pick attack parameter on the AxeFXII to do anything :). Ultimately, if I'm having trouble with pick noise, I have to address it by turning my pick to strike the string at an angle or pick softer.

Before you get too hung up on pick noise, listen to Dimebag's isolated Walk solo :).

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