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How to record on IPad


New Member
can anyone give me some tips on connectivity in terms of Axe FX II into IPad using GarageBand? Midi,AI, etc anything is appreciated :)


You'll need a record app of your choosing, though GB does the job pretty well, and ideally you'll want an audio interface, which can run the gamet from a basic adapter cable to allow a line or instrument level 1/4" jack, to a proper audio interface with zero latency monitoring ability, mic pre's, stereo or more inputs etc.

The Axe II discussion forum likely isn't the best place for help though because your question really has nothing to do with the Axe II and is actually about how to use OIS recording tools, for which there are plenty of dedicated sites on the web



I use this irig pro duo. Works a treat for me. Stereo is a must for me as I love the ambient effects in the axefx.
Easy plug and play. Hope this helps.


The Axe fx is recognized by the ipad as interface if you connect the usb output before on a computer and then connect in a camera conection kit, of course this limits the situations in which you can use it this way, I did this test a few years and I believe that this behavior should not have changed.
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