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How to properly set scene levels from rhythm to solo?


4CM. So, if I have one scene with compressor, drive pre and delay and reverb post. I just want to raise overall volume for lead. We have output level pre and output level post. Do I need to raise both at same level or just one? Thanks!


Hi, if you raise pre out you put more signal in your preamp adding gain in your sound, if you want more volume you'll prefer to raise post level


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I'm hoping for something new in the upcoming firmware to help with solo boost across many presets. For now I just use the post level in the scene page


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I use a drive block to solo boost with x/y settings for different levels of boost. But I'm not using scenes.


One more question. Is it better to raise level from default 0db for more volume or to leave Max scene level at 0db and set other scenes under 0db? Like, lead 0db and rhythm -4db.


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Either way will work but IMO you need to look at the bigger picture of how that relates to a gig or a set that may include multiple presets. In my experience I usually use 3 of the scenes per preset as lead and the rest are rythmn type scenes. I would have to adjust 5 scenes rather than 3. If your using a preset per song approach, this gets compounded by the number of preset's you may be using. Then you get into the subject of unity gain and what happens to sound levels if there's a need to use the true bypass function for a section of a particular song. I don't think its a matter of the right or wrong way, just depends on how you approach using the FX8.

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Well, I use all 8 scenes in preset. My problem is that I came from AXE FX but working with this unit is different because amp is out of box now. Thanks!
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