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How to get that version 9 sound in the 10?


I have been looking for about an hour and cant find it. I read you could switch to a more studio sound like firmware 9 had in the ten. Anyone point me in the right directions. Thanks in advance.


In your global settings you can change the modeling behavior to different firmware versions. In addition to that, there are V9 cabs after the mix cabs that have a much more polished sound.


Fractal Audio Systems
The amp modeling in V10 is very similar to V9. There are only a few changes to the algorithms. The big difference between V9 and V10 is the inclusion of the MIMIC data and many of the cabs were remixed. Of those two the remixed cabs will be far more audible. So to get that V9 sound the most important thing is to go to the cab block and select the equivalent V9 cab(s). These are indicated by "(V9)" in the name. For example, if you preset is using "1x12 Brit G12H30" it has a remixed cab. Therefore change the cab to "1x12 Brit G12H30 (V9)".
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