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How to display Preset Numbers Greater than 1-9 correctly on FCB1010


Using Ripwerks I can get (01-09) showing presets 1-9) ok, but a bright dot (00.- 09.) for preset 10-18. How can I get it to show 10-18 on the number screen of the FCB1010.
See attached Program and Pictures showing my program and the problem. Anyone able to help me reprogram the numbers. I'm hoping it's just a modification in the first column. thanks Nick H.


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As far as I know, that's not possible with the stock FCB or Uno chips. The only way I know it can be done is by using the EurekaProm chip in IO mode where all display LED segments are addressable BUT then the FCB pedal basically does nothing but send a single CC/Value per button/controller and you need to use a computer or something like a BomeBox to intercept and run a custom program. I had intended to do that with a Raspberry Pi computer but found the EurekaProm extremely flawed in many ways and gave up.
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