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How to dial up the Brown Sound in ten minutes


Thanks for the awesome and informative video :) a lot of stuff covered that I never consider. Good work!


Fractal Fanatic
Well, almost ten minutes. More like 14. :)

@Willowdale suggested I so a similar video as the JMP-1 Preamp video, but showing how to dial up some Van Halen-esque vids. See below:

I really appreciate you granting my VH request. I could tell by your JMP-1 video the other day that you can dial in tone, have a good ear & can play!

I'm a VH nut, so any & all tone & effects info you can pass on is fine by me......

I look forward to more vids from you! Thanks again!
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That's an amazing tone!!! I'm gonna have to try this.

Edit: So, I gave it a try and as I said already, that is some seriously beautiful tone. However, this is literally the umpteenth video I've seen and copied the exact settings from and got a very different sound. Yes, I know, different guitars and different hands but I dialed in the exact settings in the video and seriously came away with a low gain/clean sound on the edge of break up!! Power amp modeling is on...Cab sims are turned on... At this point I'm starting to think there is either something wrong with my magic black box or I'm... well, you know (which at this point is very possible). The only way I can get close to this tone is if I turn the boost switch on, set the saturation switch to ideal and turn the saturation knob up to at least 4.

I'm seriously at a loss here [emoji19]. Either way, beautiful sound and playing and I really hope I can figure out what's going on with my setup "soon" so I can get tones like this.

Cheers 5150

P.S. Sorry for bombing your thread with this rant but I'm becoming massively frustrated with my inability to get these amazing sounds I keep hearing everyone else posting.
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Tex Axe

I had to pause the video but I think I got everything right..
using AT 100 ibanez Andy Timmons model has rails in neck and humbucker in bridge
and THIS sounds good on every pickup ! ..

I had to drop the pf bright cap which tamed things oh and go into utility and bring the output levels down
its not even tickling the reds and its just like a locomotive in the living room..

Really great video that indeed delves into things I did not ever think to mess with either.
Sounds just phenomenal here..

You move along in making those patches I think you should make some instructional videos
that go into detail on how to utilize things also I note some of your axe edit features were not on my axe edit
and I think im on current version of axe and Fractal so I had to jump around to find some of the features..

I thought you did something too variac too gotta go back and watch again now..
I have never made a stereo cab before tonight so thats very cool.

So much to learn yet but I hope you consider making many videos going through several amps
and delving into teaching..

I learned alot watching this thanks for taking the time !


Power User
Thanks for the detailed preset. I have the latest Axe Edit and Q1.0 but i don't see the same panels as presented in the video. I think i managed to find all the tweaks though, on other pages, or in another form - so just wondering why is that?


Thanks for the kind words, everyone! I was not expecting much from this video. I was thinking people would be like, "Well, yeah, duh." I'm happy if this helps people in some way.

After listening back, I realized that I forgot to lower the voltage using the Variac parameter. Normally, that would be a key component. But I think it's a testament to how good the latest firmware sounds that I didn't even need to tweak what, for some, would be one of the most obvious parameters.

I'll try to get the next video -- the VH phaser and flanger -- posted by tomorrow evening for anyone interested.


Thanks for the detailed preset. I have the latest Axe Edit and Q1.0 but i don't see the same panels as presented in the video. I think i managed to find all the tweaks though, on other pages, or in another form - so just wondering why is that?
Oh my -- thanks so much for pointing that out!

I think I know why you're seeing different options/pages -- it's one of the following:

1. I'm running the Quantum public beta firmware, and you aren't. You could be a rev back OR a rev ahead of where I am.
2. You could be running the latest Axe-Edit -- I am *not*. The updated Axe-Edit for quantum firmware was not released when I started this process, so I'm running a public beta version of the firmware and a slightly dated version of Axe-Edit. It never occurred to me that this would cause anyone an issue.

(BTW -- it's not real smart to do what I'm doing. That is, run a version of Axe-Edit that's not up-to-date with the firmware. My understanding is that this can cause issues and you may lose work. This isn't so much an issue for me as I'm not gigging right now. If you are, please take precautions to protect your presets so that you don't lose any data/settings.)

I'll be sure to update to the latest/greatest of FW and Axe-Edit moving forward to help avoid any confusion.

Tex Axe

I was playing eruption and you really got me and some hot for teacher and its all there
I tried dialing in my own efx but look forward to see what you came up with there too...

This is a really fun patch to blast on..
Makes all the difference in the world as it sounds so spot on..

Its one for the record books seriously by far the best VH tone ive ever had
especially tuned too the recordings..

Oddly I just had a BB in the drive block that defaulted there for some reason old patch i think
and It sounded so good I just left it.

What a great patch never sounded more like VH Id almost forgotten eruption but it just comes leaping out
with that patch Quantum is something else..

Not sure where you learned all the tweaks internally but wow did they make things come alive here..
Thats a keeper patch chiseling that in stone here..

Bravo it shows you are a VH freak VH himself would grin I think..
Steal it back from you...



Thank you for taking the time to post this video, it's really interesting to see how an experienced user tweaks the various parameters. Really looking forward to the FX video.
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