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How many people here who have AX8's still kept their tube amps and pedalboards?


Just curious,

If you had the choice keeping your tube amp and pedalboard or selling it to buy more fractal gear what would you do?

Think about this wisely for a few minutes.

I mean just because the digital effects / amp modelling world has taken off doesn't make tube amps or pedals, which have a nice analog sound, obsolete.

Do you find there is still purpose in keeping your tube amp and pedals. If so what do you use them for?


sold it all in 2008 when i got and started using the Ultra. haven't looked back.

it's true that analog gear sounds good. it's also true that i don't need to use them anymore to do what i want, and the Axe has made everything i do easier and better.


sold it all in 2008 when i got and started using the Ultra. haven't looked back.

it's true that analog gear sounds good. it's also true that i don't need to use them anymore to do what i want, and the Axe has made everything i do easier and better.

That's great you're enjoying the FAS gear!
Also you stated you've been using the Axe since 2008 so that means 14 years experience on the amp and effects modeler. No wonder you're so accustomed to it. I came from the tube amp pedalboard world for most of my life then over the last 13 years switched over to muti fx units like the Line m13, Helix HX effects etc . I found them easy to use, but even they could not prepare me for the AX8 with all its rich features, software tools, and thousands of ways to program it. I've only had my AX8 for 1 year so I am brand new to the amp modelling world (Hence all my redudant questions :) )

However, I will say having a tube amp does have value. If you don't want to use your monitors or frfr for some reasons and your backline is accustomed to air pushing amps a tube amp may make a great backline, a sound most bands are used to and comfortable with.

Sometimes I like to play devil's advocate between my AX8 and Vox ac10 and Pedalboard. I'll try to do the same songs and compare them. Put them head to head. I feel although the tube amp and pedalboard is infinitely easier to use , the AX8 has more capabilities to dial in a sound and tone you really want. It's feature ridden.

Still sometimes I am put off by the digital sounding world of effect and amp modelling. Perhaps it's my gear (Headrush frfr's are not the best hence my upgrade to Redsound Ellis 8's in the near future).

Just curious what you think will happen to the tube amp and pedalboard world? Will the music industry with a lot of pros set the standard for effect and amp modellers or will it be a passing phase?


Fractal Fanatic
There are a lot of players that prefer a simple setup with just a guitar, a combo, a drive pedal, and a cable. A wall of full stacks ? Probably no more. Tube amps will continue to play an important role in studios, but probably no 100W+ monsters anymore. At this point in time modelling is still trying to mimic (ideal) tube amps, I wonder when the digital world will start leaving its ancestors behind and come up with its own sound creations.


I've gone through this a couple of times where I have put tube amps side by side with the AX8 or Axe 3 through some FRFR solution. Every time I have come to the conclusion that I don't really need amps any more and sold them off.

However the urge to play a real amp still comes back from time to time, so now I keep a Blackstar Artist 15 around for when I want to plug into something with tubes. It's more of an anti-gas device than anything really.


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I sold all my heads and cabs. I kept my pedal board, but way downsized it.
I now have 1 tube amp combo. A Rivera 1x12 its probably 15 to 20 years old in near mint shape!
I kept all my spare tubes new and used around 50 tubes. :)

The Fractal world has changed my life like nothing I could have imagined.
It is the best money spent for gear, and continues to be.
I find the offerings from Fractal very useful, and with the continued updates of current products, just the best thing!
Long Live FAS!!!


I don't really have need for my AC10 and pedalboard system now that I've been using the AX8 and have new Redsound Elis 8's on the way.
I'd rather use my money on new fractal gear.

Still from time to time I get that lush feeling to plug into tubes.

I'm at a crossroads. My AC10 and pedals are only 1-2 years old so I am not asking 50% cost for them. However, people on KIJIJI etc want cheap deals. So I am kinda stuck with them. No way I'm letting go of a fairly new system for 50% cost. I am having a hard time selling my tube and pedalboard for decent prices.

Anyone know of a more effective way to sell them? In the meantime I've decided to keep them until I get the prices I want.


Fractal Fanatic
Yeah, with everything that's not exactly vintage it feels like it's not worth selling it. I went the same route and in the end decided I just wanted to get rid of it and if it makes at least some money even better. We had members here on the forum that because they had to basically give it away for free they donated their old stuff to local music schools. Works great for instruments, not so much for gear. If you don't need the money and can spare the space just keep things until a better opportunity arises.
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