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How many of you are running stereo to FOH?


Fractal Fanatic
Home: stereo
Gig: mono

At a gig I just send the left or right output to FOH. No need to change settings if you know what you’re doing when creating presets.
In order to prevent any phase problems with some stereo fx I prefered using copy L->R option for stage backline. Not that there woule be any use for mono live but as I did only play small bars occasionally I do admit that the stereo did sound nicely.


stereo here. Always have. In the very very odd chance we have to run and go up on stage, i ask for one send and turn off my enhancer block and set the unit to copyl-r but it gets a little off. 9/10 shows we do we provide a splitter snake from our rack. One of the quickest way to hate IEM's is with mono dry guitar and mono everything in your ears. Some dig it, i dont.
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