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How many of us are have trouble holding your pick or switching to fingers and then switching back to your pick? Check 2nd page for pictures and info.


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If any of you know or follow me, you know I look for guitar solutions by American companys that with less than 12 employees. I look for innovative products. I then work with the companies to give the forum members exclusive deals for VERY limited periods to get us up to 30 % off for a week or less. If you are a member that has issues with holding your pick because of medical or injury, or age issues, please post your issue here.. if there is a need, I may have a very cool solution for you.

Your support is so thoughtful :)


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Hi GMB, I also bought his thumb pick holder.. Didn't work for me , the pick just sailed out into the audience ... Still have it if anyone wants it..PM me

I used pliers to clamp down on the pick and have never had one fall out since. I also modded mine by bending the part that wraps around your thumb in half bc I have a small thumb and still wanted to be able to play pinch harmonics.

Thanks for sharing the info about the PickSlinger. I'm definitely going to buy one but haven't decided yet if I'm going to get the Shredder or Elite.
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