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How many guitars do you own?


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I would guess that I have about thirty with 3/4 being bought used, more than half were/are projects that needed fretwork or upgrades/repairs or were intended to be donors. and I still want more!

Do I have issues? Do I need therapy?


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I believe that you need your basic food group.
1. Strat (eric johnson model) Main guitar
2. Tele (Deluxe model)
3. Les-paul ('90's)
4. Shredder (Ibanez RGT 42dx, pawn shop buy)
5. a jazzer (Joe Pass epiphone)
6. a utilitarian (Line 6 Variax, one of the first ones with really horrible guitar build)
7. an acoustic (cheap acoustic takamine)
8. a banjo (forget brand, it's under the bed. Got it last year before christmas used it 6 times at church it was not a cheap one, I do remember that)
9. 2nd strat with Roland pickup in it. (Roland ready strat)
10. One home made guitar built in my garage. ( that was my I can build a guitar in my garage phase, its got a bigsby on it and it plays horribly. At least I did it.)

That is it.

Here are some of them.

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Don't worry about therapy, I have you beat. Funny thing is I told my girl friend the other day that I needed to sell some of my gear and she asked me why, you're going to need it for the music store you're going to open when you retire. Guess I'm better at bs than I thought.


I'm sure there are many fractalites who can't keep track of how many guitars have accumulated in their lives, myself included .I'm gonna guess 19

EJ James

1. Schecter Banshee Elite 7 FR/S
2. Schecter Hellraiser C7FR/S (white)
3. Schecter Hellraiser C7FR/S (black)
4. Schecter Hellraiser C1FR (white)
5. Schecter Tempest Classic
6. Schecter Hellraiser 5 Extreme (bass)
7. Fender Strat (1996 Strat Plus Deluxe)
8. Epi LP Custom (white w/TP6 & EMG's)
9. Epi LP Ultra III w/Nanomag pup
10. Ibanez SR706 six string bass
11. Takamine EGC531SSC12 12-String Acoustic-Electric

By the looks of things I don't have as big a problem as I thought. I'll have to show my wife this thread so she doesn't give me crap about how many guitars I currently have (or will have in the future). =)


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I was up to forty. As of today when I ship out a Vector I'm down to a reasonable 15, and each one is a player that gets played (no more collecting for me)...

Now, as to Axe FX's, at the moment I have two XLs and will hopefully soon have an AX8 winging it's way to me... :)


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I have to get rid of some! I keep telling myself that I'll do it as soon as the economy picks up and people have more disposable cash. Been telling myself that for the past seven years or so.....


Godin- multiac, Tripleplay, Glissantar, LGXT; Fenders-Jeff Beck strat, Acousticaster, Reclaimed Redwood Strat, 80s Japanese strat, Squire Stratwith Fishman Fluence pups, Custom Shop Relic 50s Tele; Casio PG380 synth strat; Gibson- late 70s SG, Custom Shop 59 LP; Epiphone- Dot, Ultra-339; Martin D-35, Stienberger cheapie; Carvin Holdsworth Koa; Vigier Excalibur fret less ';Taylor baby' ; Benedetto- Andy Elite, Bravo, Bambino; Ovation 12; Rainsong Carbon ; PRS semihollow; Suhr-Modern, Govan Rasmus.
axe fx II , Ax fx XL, FX8, Kemper lunchbox, Helix arriving today, AX8, one of thousands who got on list the first hour..............

geez, that wasn't easy.....I may. Need. help.
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I believe it's around 18 or 20 at this point. With the AxeFX killing any amp gas I'm able to spend $ on guitars now.


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I can now use this thread to show my wife I am not that bad. Ten, I think, and one bass. I am a virtual pauper among princes.

Don't get therapy. We all know that money could be better used on...
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