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How many FC controllers?

Clockwork Creep

Power User
Hi there.
Out of complete curiosity, how many FC12 controllers could you daisy-chain to the FM3?
Could you have, like, a reeeaaaallly long row of FC12 controllers, or is there a limit on how many you can program?

Admin M@

Fractal Audio Systems
You can connect up to two FCs to an FM3 or four to an Axe-Fx III. Each can be either an FC-6 or FC-12.

Clockwork Creep

Power User
oh... So essentially, the FM3 can have 27 footswitches with scribble strips (when paired with two FC12 controllers) + stand in switches that each FC controllers lets you connect?
"FM3 only has three switches! Boohoo!" yeah right :D
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