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How Many Amps Have You Owned, & Can You Remember Them All?

How Many Amps Have You Owned? Which Ones?

  • 1-5

    Votes: 14 20.6%
  • 6-10

    Votes: 23 33.8%
  • 11-15

    Votes: 13 19.1%
  • 15-20

    Votes: 3 4.4%
  • More Than 20

    Votes: 15 22.1%

  • Total voters


Power User
I spent WAY too much time chasing the "perfect" amp instead of practicing! I still own the ones with asterisks. I apologize for the extremely weird formating, but I'm having issues with my excel file :(
POWERAMPS (guitar)
Hughes and Kettner CF200
Marshall 9200
Marshall Valvestate
Mesa 50/50
Peavey Classic 120/120
Peavey Classic 50/50
Peavey Classic 60/60

*Axe-fx II
*Axe-fx III
Kasha Rockmod II (3 channel tube)
*KittyHawk Quattro tube preamp
Lee Jackson Metaltronix GP-1000
Marshall 9001
Mesa Formula Preamp
Mesa Studio Preamp
Peavey Profex II
Peavey Rockmaster (3 channel tube)
Rockman Distortion Generator
*Rocktron Cameleon (Original)
Soho QTR-1
Ampeg Lee Jackson VL502
Carvin X100b Head
*Crate CR 1
*Crate CR 45
*Fender bassman 100 Head (Metaltronix modded)
Fender Deluxe Reverb (Blackface)
Fender ProReverb 70's
*Gallien Krueger 250RL
*Gallien Krueger ML250
*Jackson 2x12 Tube amp Apogee 50
JCM 800 (1986 100 watt head)
Laney AOR 50
Mesa Mk IIb Combo
Mesa Rackmount Dual Recto
*Panama Fuego
Peavey 5150 2x12 combo
Peavey audition 20
Peavey Classic 100
Peavey Classic Chorus 212
Peavey TNT 100
Peavey VTM 60
*Rickenbacker TR-7
Rivera TBR-SL1 (rackmount tube amp w/ TON's of options)
Roland Jazz Chorus
Silvertone 1484
VHT pitbull Ultra Lead (1st year, 3 channel tube amp)
*Vintage Univox U45-b Tube Amp
VOX AC50 (1966)


The list is so long, but I’ve really enjoyed the journey. The ones I have left, in no particular order:

Fender Super Reverb, original pre-CBS 1964 version
Fender Deluxe Reverb, “blackface” handwired by George Alessandro

Mesa Roadking 2x12 Combo
Mesa Nomad 55 4x10 Combo
Mesa California Tweed Head and 1x12 Cab

PRS HX/DA 50 head w/ Marshall 1960A cab (UK Greenback loaded)
PRS HX/DA 1x12 Combo

Vox AC30 30th Anniversary model, Fawn covered, made in 1991

Marshall Haze 40 1x12 Combo, a good “drag around to jam“ amp.

This is it, along with assorted cabs and bass amps, and of course my Axe FX
III Turbo/RJM rig and several FRFR powered cabs. I’ve had several I might want back, but only one I really regret selling: a Soldano/Caswell X99 rack preamp and Soldano 4 space 100 watt power amp, both with that matching purple front plate. I’ve never even seen another pair like them. I dropped the ball in the worst way on that one.


I had to change my poll answer as I thought I only had 6-10 :sweatsmile: turns out I've had a lot more than I thought. Highlight wise, the Blackstar Series One 100 was the first amp I really found "my sound" on and then upgrading to the bigger brother of the Series One 1046L6 made things even better. That was more core tone until I moved to Fractal land.

Clean wise I LOVED my Roland JC 120H. Having it in the head format was much more fun compared to the combo since I could try different speakers with it.


I do remember them all!
Marshall JCM 800
Marshall JCM 900 Hi Gain Dual Reverb
Marshall JVH
Soldano SLO
Friedman BE Deluxe 100

And finally my favorite one:
A custom made Stevens Thirtynine
Special build and voiced for me
Sadly that amp is lost in the flooding. I would have never sell this one.
The most amazing and the most honest amp I have ever played.


New Member
Like others here too many to remember all but ALWAYS remember my 1st

1st Silvertone 1448
Ampeg VT-40 70s Black
Peavey Standard 120
Peavey Musician 400
Peavey Mark III
Crate GX-130C combo
Crate GX-130C head
Marshall Mini Micro FULL STACK
Peavey Bandit
Tube works Mosvalve 500 (942) x2 still have
Seymour 700 brand new less than 1 year old

Pre amps and stomp boxes

ADA mp-1
Boss Micro series rack
MXR stop boxes (late 70's early 80's) dist, chorus, octaver, graphic eq etc etc
Digitech valve FX still have
Digitech GSP-1101 (2) still have

Peavey 2x15 70's cab
6 carvin v12 4x12 loaded with british 100's still have
2 carvin v12 4x12 with celestians still have


  • Zoom 505 pedal into a Behringer KB100 keyboard amp
  • Peavey 5150 head
  • Peavey 5150 combo
  • Peavey 5150 II
  • Peavey Valve King combo
  • Peavey Classic combo
  • Marshall JCM2000 DSL 50
  • Marshall JVM410
  • Fender Deluxe Reverb RI
  • Mesa Express combo

I'm down to my DRRI and 5150 II and can't imagine not having those amps at this point I've been with 'em so long


In order-

Fender Princeton Chorus - 1993
Laney LH50 (I thiiiink that's the model) - 1996
MesaBoogie Studio Pre (with 50/50 for power) - 2001
Fender Hot Rod Deville 4x10 combo - 2003

Still have the mesa and fender amps.. around 2017 I started messing with modelers and finally found my way to fractal.

Joe Bfstplk

Here is my list, as complete as I can remember, as close to in order as can be remembered, with strike-thru on items no longer in my possession:
  1. Unknown brand bass practice amp 1x10, 35W, solid state
  2. 1984 Mesa Mk IIC, sn 12118, 60W, no reverb
  3. 1972 Fender Twin Reverb
  4. 197? Orange OR120
  5. 197? Ampeg V4
  6. 1972 Fender Super Reverb
  7. 1972 Fender Bassman Ten
  8. Fender Musicmaster Bass Amp (with Quadraverb GT)
  9. Fender Musicmaster Bass Amp (with Quadraverb GT)
  10. Some 1994-ish Digitech floor processor that I can't remember much about
  11. Fisher X100C hi-fi, with preamp modified for guitar and mono-send-stereo-return tube buffered loop for Quadraverb GT
  12. 1966 Deluxe Amp
  13. DuKane PA amp, preamp modified for guitar
  14. 1984 Mesa Mk IIC, sn 12118, 60W, no reverb
  15. Peavey TubeFEX preamp/processor
  16. Hafler Hellrazor preamp and Knight KM15 monobloc hi-fi modded for guitar slaved into Quadraverb II and amped by a Peavey DECA stereo power amp and two 1x12" cabs
  17. Wowbagger 1x12 - based on tweed Bandmaster circuit modded for EL34s, with Peavey DECA stereo power amp and two 1x12" cabs in W/D/W config
  18. 1998 Volume Police stereo tube amp, 22WPC
  19. 1966 Fender Bassman head
  20. 1965 Fender Bassman head
  21. 1966 Ampeg Gemini I
  22. Vox ToneLab SE
  23. Bassman 20 1x15 combo, which soon became...
  24. Bassman 20 head unit in Musicmaster Bass combo
  25. Digitech RP360
  26. Digitech RP1000
  27. Egnater Rebel 20 head
  28. AxeFX3
  29. Spacestation XL
  30. AxeFX3 (need to sell this)
  31. 1953 Gibson GA40 Les Paul model amplifier
  32. FM9
  33. AxeFx3 Mk II Turbo
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Fractal Fanatic
I selected “1-5,” but if you count them in modeler terms, it was closer to 12 amps.

Dave Merrill

(Transplanted from the current firmware thread, apologies for contributing to that derail.)

This might not be 100% accurate, and nobody said anyone gives a hoot, but here goes my amp history from Day 1.
  1. Gregory 1x maybe 10 POS.
  2. Danelectro 1x12, head stowed in the back of the cab.
  3. Silvertone 2x12, ditto stowage.
  4. Preamped the Silvertone with the Danelectro. Pretty cool, before there were multi-stage preamps.
  5. Blackface Bassman. Really cool.
  6. Crammed 2 JBL 15s diagonally into the Bassman cab. That thing screamed, seriously.
  7. Had Dawk Stillwell hotrod the Bassman. Maybe shouldn't have done that. Like a mini Marshall, but it was more unique before.
  8. Beat to hell tweed Twin. Sold it for what I paid, $35!!! Oops.
  9. Mesa Boogie Mark-nothing 15" combo, back when Randy answered the phone and there were labelmaker labels on the back, serial # B-0015. Great amp, never should have sold it.
  10. Wanted a more separate clean channel, so I footswitched in an Alembic F2B tube preamp with the Mesa.
Details get fuzzier from there.
Various preamps including Marshall 9001 (I think?), Sansamp PSA, Rocktron Vudu Valve Online
Some actual amps: Some random Marshal that was too loud to turn on, Hot Rod DeVille, CyberTwin, Helix, Blackstar ID60 TVP that I still have as a rainy-day-amp's-in-the-shop thing

Then Axe 3.


New Member
Marshall JCM 900 50W
Laney ProTubeLead
Peavey Classic 100W
London City DEA 130 (restored) / Engl TubeToner as preamp (in stock)
Engl Savage SE (what a great amp, I often use the modeled Savage one in FAD - for me it feels like the original)
VHT Special 6
Bad Cat Cougar 50 Combo (in stock)
FM3 2x - RS Elis.8 pair


Fender Sidekick 10w
Jcm900 50w 1x12 combo
Jvm 410 w 4x12 G12T-75
Vox Ac4
JMP-1 preamp, with magnum44 and 1x12 greenback
Jvm410 stealth w 4x12 greenbacks

The jmp-1 was pretty cool and able to deliver a lot of cool tones

The JVMs might not get so much love, but I think it too sounds nice at lower to medium gain settings. I never even used the red modes.
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Some Crate practice amp
Peavey Classic 50 410
Epiphone Valve Jr. head and cab - later paid to be modified by a guy named Twang to add effects loop, eq knob, standby switch lol
Fender SuperChamp XD
PRS Archon 25 combo
Orange Crush 35rt

I would have kept the Archon 25 but it was a bit noisy in the effects loop even with their recommended fix.


Power User
Figured out I've owned 38 amps, of which I still have 8. I've found Amp GAS to be even worse than Guitar GAS.
In Chronological order, ❌ = No Longer Own ✅ = Still Own

Line 6 Spider ✅ (collecting dust in a closet at my parents house)
Fender Hot Rod Deville ✅ (on long term loan to a friend)
Supro Thunderbolt ✅ (can't frikin get rid of the thing no matter how hard I try. Nobody wants it.)
Dr. Z Remedy❌
Mesa/Boogie Mark IIc+ ❌
1977 Roland JC-120 ✅
1986 Marshall JCM800 2204❌
Orange Thunderverb 50❌

Currently looking for a new amp to replace the Orange.


Marshall JCM800
Line 6 Flextone
Line 6 Vetta
Mesa Dual Recto
Mesa Roadster
Mesa 20/20
Engl Powerball
Engl Fireball
Orange Tiny Terror
Peavey 5150
Peavey 6505
Axe-Fx Standard
Axe-Fx II
Axe-Fx III


First one- 1968…Sears Silvertone with the clangiest real spring reverb ever and matching 2x12 cab
a little GK amp/speaker
a cheap Peavey
Guytron :p
PRS Tremonti


Fractal Fanatic
Lets see how this goes!

Peavey rage 158
Marshall mg250
Traynor ycv80 212
Kustom tube 12A
Peavey jsx
Mesa roadster
Peters FSM
Fender 70s pro reverb
Marshall jcm800 2203 1983 metal toggle
Fender twin blackface RI
Fender drri
Fender rumble 40

Peavey triple x slant and straight (wgs clasic lead 80 in slant)
85 jcm800 slant with G12-65
Orange ppc412
Marshall silver jubilee 212 slant and straight with V30’s
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  • Ibanez 10 watt practice amp from 2003
  • Line6 Spider II 75w from 2005
  • Line6 Spider II 150w head from 2005 (paired with a terrible, undersized Crate cab)
  • Randall RM100 MTS head (paired with an amazing Rivera Knucklehead 412T cab)
  • Fender Mustang IV
  • Finally, my Fryette 2/90/2 that's part of my Axe-Fx III rig
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