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How does the De Phase feature sound in the Mix?


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I have not upgraded yet and I am usually the if it ain't broke don't fix it mind set. I was wondering if anyone had heard the affects of the de phase in an actual mix yet? I heard Mark Day's clip and it sounds really cool but I know from experience that what sounds cool alone doesn't always translate well in a mix


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Depends on the IR used, the De-Phase setting, the rest of the mix, and a hundred other things. If you like an IR but find it too comb filtered (you like its character but would like to tame it down to some extent), this is the perfect tool to fix it. "How does __ sound in a mix" is a question that could be asked of any of the hundreds of available parameters. I see no universal answer to your question.


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You should load the beta. It's a blast to practice with that new feature. It makes monitoring direct with headphones more enjoyable with it on.

Guitars definitely need their space when mixed. Whether or not the dephase translates or is necessary when recording is subjective.


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Cliff answered that one in the update thread I think .... anyway .... he said at zero it's off/bypassed completely
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