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How do you all fatten a Plexi patch


Fractal Fanatic
I followed the Leon Plexi settings and it sounds good on the desktop monitors and with headphones but in a loud band context it sounds thin. Aside from adding bass what would be a good strategy to add some girth in basic rock context setting? MV added seems to add some. I use depth sparingly due to wanting mids and cut.

Greg Ferguson

The IR and speaker impedance curve can make a big difference in the sound, so it’s always a good idea to adjust them to taste in addition to the amp settings.

Also, as said often, adjust the EQ at the volume you are going to play at. It doesn’t translate well from bedroom volume to the stage. I have the main amp controls in my global performance page so I can get to them quickly during my setup and sound check.

The master volume can add some oomph but too much makes many amps sound flabby, so it’s a balancing act.
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Turn down the treble and high treble on the amp. It's easy to perceive too much treble as "thin," i.e. not enough bass, but adding more bass to fix it just makes your overall tone more scooped which is not what you want in this situation. Live a little high end goes a long way anyway.
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Marshalls are thin. Especially 800's with a bright cap.
In Fractal land we can push the MV to get some fatness. You can also turn on the Fat switch.
A Filter after the cab high passing everything above 4K will make the biggest difference.
Don't forget to set your cuts in the cab block. I like 80hz and 6500hz

Will Schut

Adjust the high cut in de Cab block. Taking it down to about 6 or 7 K will get rid om those “thinning high frequenties) and thus make the sound a little fatter.

And this one is a no-brainer, engage the Fat switch……..


As others have said, turn the preamp up, choose the right IR and set the cab high cut at 6-7k to mimic a real cab.

There will be absolutely nothing thin about it, I promise you.

And leave poor the bright cap alone! ;)

Rex Rox

No one ever mentions rear IR's so I must be alone in liking them to add some low end. I don't do it in every case, but with a Plexi I often add one of the matching 4x12 MAR-* 84 Rear OH to the second cab slot and then EQ it and blend it in to taste. It just seems to add some character that I can't achieve otherwise. If you do use a rear IR then roll off the low end for the rear cab slot appropriately and cut it's level until you hit the sweet spot.

IMO all the bright Fenders benefit from this too. But I never see a single post about using rear cab IRs. Maybe I am misguided? Or a rebel? Or ...
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