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How do I tell what User Cab is being used?


I have been trying a bunch of User Cabs with mixed results. I have made a couple patches I like and would like to continuing trying to load different cabs but I can't for the life of me remember the User Cabs I loaded into my Ultra...

Basically, how can I find out what User Cab is current in each User Cab slot using either via the Ultra, Axe-Edit or other software?


Or saving a screen dump picture of your new loaded cabs every time you load new cabs. Fast and easy.


I used to use sticky notes......ehhh.... Ok I still do but like the YEk does it.


yek said:
I have a dedicated folder for IRs that are candidates for uploading.
The filenames of the ones I actually upload start with a number: 2 - 10.
(1 is reserved, it's used by Axe/Axe-Edit when auditing IRs)
So to see the content of the user cab slots, I just check the folder for the numbered IRs.


I also use the following method. I keep Preset 0 on my Axe-Fx empty. I can use its display name to indicate (roughly) what's in the user slots.
At the moment the name reads:

2V 3F 4B 56G 8U 9M

Which stands for V(30 Uberkab), F(ender Tweed P12), B(lue Alnico), G(12 greenback en G12m25), U(berkab T75/V30) and M(esa).

To know exactly what's in there I check the upload folder, see Guitardojo's link bove.
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