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"How can I help?"

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And it might be worthwhile throwing a little swag in the box when people order, that helps get the word out also. T shirt, hat, license plate/surround, window decal. Heck, socks and sweatbands if you feel like it! But even if you only threw them in every fifth purchase or something, those folks would have and display FAS swag! I'd totally wear it when we play out! And what better time that now as the 3 comes out.
Did you reply to the wrong thread?

I don't see anything here vaguely related to the topic ;)


"Serious gratitude, Fractal, for making this incredible piece of gear that changed my life as a 30+ year guitar player ... All I want to know is how can I help?"

OP asked the question... I was just answering it with a suggestion.

5 years later :)

Sorry for not really including any context there. Just consider it a necroresponse.

Is that even a thing?
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