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How brutal can you get with the 5153 100W Blue Channel?


Fractal Fanatic
I don't usually reach for the 5153 100w Blue Channel model when I'm looking for a big brutal tone, but I tried it here and was surprised by how much I liked it. What amp model do you use when you're going for this kind of sound?

Any comments, feedback, or suggestions would be appreciated.

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Thanks! Let me know how you like the preset. Sometimes it's surprising how less gain sounds heavier than more gain. If you like the video, you'll find a bunch more like that on my facebook page.


Cool video and sounds man! I already know you can get pretttty heavy with 5153, and heavy is what i love! 5153 blue mentioned, i also think it sounds a tad better too than the 100w.


Remember, the 50W has even more gain if you want.

I second this! and sounds tighter too, paired with either a clean boost or a PEQ it's killer. For a while the 50W model has been my favorite; I've been exploring other models, but just keep coming back to this one.
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