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Hotel California - harmonized rhythm guitar patch


Is anyone able to help. Only recently got axe so on learning curve at present. Play hotel cali and wondering what settings/scale would need in order to play the harmonised part in the verses of the song. If anyone can post a patch it would be appreciated.

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In global menu set custom scale #1 like this:

A +4
A# +3
B +3
C +3
C# +3
D +4
D# +3
E +3
F +3
F# +3
G +4
G# +3

Load this preset:

https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5z9bk9a2u3z3cnp/YWYo12kHPb/axefx/harmony/Hotel Cali verse.syx

Play the full-size notes shown here. Note that this means playing some notes of the high part, some of the low. (To stay on one part would require a different setup and pressing a switch at certain spots.)


It should sound like this:


If you have a way to switch scenes, scene 2 is set to disable the harmony and continue with the dry sound centered.
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