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Hot, Blue, and Righteous - effects query (ZZ Top)


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Hey folks -

I have been listening to some really old ZZ Top lately, specifically Tres Hombres. It's been a favorite for a long time. The song I'm asking about is a beautiful ballad that they did called "Hot, Blue, and Righteous" off of that album.

I'm trying to figure out what effect Billy Gibbons used on his guitar for both the regular portion of the song, as well as his solo.

I have best guesses only:

1 - A Leslie
2 - A slow flanger
3 - Some sort of tricked out Phaser

Would you mind helping me to narrow this down? Any other info you might be able to share on copping this tone would be awesome!


P.S. Apologies - the forum apparently doesn't allow me to upload song fragments as .MP3's. I had planned to leave examples. I'm hoping that all you guitar gods/godesses have the album.
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