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Hooking up Talk box - Which one and best routing?


Haven't tried that yet. In all honesty, I don't use the Talkbox that much.


The tube on the MXR is so stiff that it can unscrew the mic stand when
you try to move it with your mouth if the stand is not socked down tight. Plus
it can be tough to position because it's so inflexible. The first banshee
I purchased had a very pliable tube. The second one not so much, but
still more flexible than the MXR.

I wanted to use the banshee tube on the MXR, but the tube on the MXR
is a larger diameter than the Banshee. So I bought some poly tube at Home Depot
(or Lowes) and managed to adapt the Banshee tube to fit the MXR (with the
help of some painters tape to snug it up. So that solves the stiff tube issue.

But I haven't bonded with the MXR for some reason. I need to mess with it
more. It is more compact than the Banshee.
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