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Home Skoolin... Anyone Familiar with it? I am...


He once said if it weren't for 2020 we probably wouldn't know of each other. Of course, I remember him and his wife as a duo years ago. Tom is a studio guy, what a surprise. definitely a different kind of guitar youtube thing. imho anyway.....LAID BACK.... Tom Bukovac
The chord progression he plays and shows us at the end (around 10:00) is vey cool.

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I’ve been a subscriber to Tom’s channel for well over a decade. He had about 1,900 subscribers before “Home Skoolin”. Glad to see he has embraced YouTube and posts a lot more content... REAL content, not a bunch of contrived BS that many do.


Love Uncle Larry's playing and teaching style. Been subscribed and watched all his videos since early last summer. He's got tone for days ...
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