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Home Recording Setup Question


Hey guys, so I have my FX8 hooked up to an EVH 5150 100W head, running through an ADA DI Box into a Focusrite Clarett 2Pre.

My question is, should I have this connected in 4CM or Post only? 4CM has me plugging into FX8 input, and Post only would have me plugging into amp and FX8 through send/receive.

I tried this 4CM style and I’m getting a hissing when I arm a track in Cakewalk. The hissing is even noticeable when listening back to a recorded track and while playing.



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Hissing is probably due to the effects loop. I had that problem with my Archon 25 and the FX8 which I fixed by changing the effects loop levels IIRC but that was years and an AX8, AxeFx II and AxeFx III ago ;)


Ok, found my old posts and changing the FX8 output to -10 and restarting the FX8 took my hiss mostly away in 4cm with the Archon.
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