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Holy crap... XFormer Match


One of my main tones is a regular Marshall Plexi, that I've hand-tweaked all kinds of advanced parameters for. I'm doing thorough post-cygnus overhaul and on my old settings I had XFormer Match down a little, like 0.945. As I experimented, I realized it kept liking it more as I turned it down, even after compensating for the volume. I want a raw sound, and this little guy is the key I've been missing. I'm used to thinking that turning a knob all the way up or down on an advanced parameter is not generally a good idea, but this is an exception: it sounds glorious at the minimum value of 0.5.

I guess that would be the real world equivalent of plugging a 4-ohm speaker into the 8-ohm jack, which, along with turning the thing almost all the way up, is a great way to break your toys in the real world :tearsofjoy: but has no downsides in Fractal-Land.:sunglasses:

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May have a play with the XFormer, whatever that is.


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This was a secret weapon in the AxeFX II ... I don’t feel like I need it anymore to get the grind. But it is a powerful tool! 👍


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I have always sung the praises of XFormer Match since the early Axe-FX II days.

It helped to remove the blanket from the tone & make it more open/less congested.

Lowering XFormer Match, especially on amps with the master vol set high, is a very powerful parameter...
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