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Holdsworth Multitaps


the ones in the 17.01 beta aren't quite right. i've sent cliff ones with the "correct" settings beased on the some ud stomp presets that i use. the ones in the axe have lfo modulation rather than chorus modulation. don't forget they need to be used in pairs, so you get 8 taps in total.

i've knocked up a quick preset so you can hear how they should sound and a quick recording: http://simeonharris.co.uk/Resources/Holdsworth Multitaps.wav


  • Holdsworth Multitaps 17.01.syx
    48.2 KB · Views: 76
Sweet preset Simeon! I have spent some time on Holdsworth sounding presets before and yours is really great! I did not have an 8 tap in mine and that seems to be the ticket for delay flavors. Bravo!
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