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Holding Tap Tempo on MFC doesn't enter tuner mode


Hey guys-

I can't figure out how to get my MFC to display the tuner when holding the tap tempo button. if the mfc's setup menu, I have hold tap for tuner= set to ON.

On my Axe's I/O screen, I have send realtime sysex set to all. According to Chris' video on youtube, those two things were all that need to make this happen.

I also have my IA appropriately mapped to switched 16. The tap tempo feature is working fine, sending info to my AXE. But it won't enter tuner when holding the button.

If I set up IA 17 for tuner, it works and displays on the MFC. I'm using a MK III MFC101 with Firmware 3.00


Fractal Audio Systems
This is a known bug and is being addressed. As you've noticed moving it to another IA switch solves the issue.

I don't know how much time the software engineers have this week with the Holidays so I can't promise when a firmware update will be ready.


Well....in the spirit of Christmas....I for one would be quite okay with being able to not access the tuner via the tap tempo button on my MFC for a few days so all the Fractal staff can enjoy time with family lol. Better have it fixed before NYE though or heads will surely roll!

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