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Highway Star - Ritchie Blackmore Solo + Blackmore Patch :)



This is obviously a classic... And it is a harder solo than what it seems at first listen. I hope I did it justice... Nothin' but respect for Mr. Blackmore. What a legend.

I've attached my Ritchie Blackmore patch below... There's really nothing much to it other than the Treble Booster through the AC30 model... Yes Ritchie was known for using Marshall's, and maybe you've heard the infamous stories about him going to the Marshall factory and demanding a more powerful amp, hence the Marshall Major... But what many don't know is he often played an ES-335 through a Vox AC30. It's hard to know for a fact, but many people speculate that a lot of his studio recordings are actually recorded with that combination (I'm sure as the years passed different equipment was also used)

Any support for my YouTube channel is greatly appreciated. And to those of you that have been kind enough to already show support, I greatly appreciate you. Means more than you know. Cheers, Diego :)


  • AC30 BLACKMORE.syx
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