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High DI Level & Low Playback Volume through DAW when recording w/ Axe-Fx III

JD Owen

New Member
Hello Fractal Community,

I have been having a few issues with trying to record through my Axe-Fx III and Studio One 2 (DAW). I am connected Direct/FRFR as instructed on the manual. I have also followed the Input Level instructions in the manual to where the Input Level on the front of my Axe-Fx III is just tickling the Red LED. I have also followed the "Recording" and "Re-amping" instructions in the manual. All I am using is my Axe-Fx III, my Mac, Studio One 2, Studio Monitors (when I want to use them), and my Studio Headphones for my recording setup.

My DI Signal for Re-Amping is almost as high as my Processed Signal through every preset on my Axe-Fx III while monitoring the levels through Studio One 2. I figured out how to not make the DI Signal audible in my custom preset by reducing the level on the Output Block by 33db and increasing the Output 1 from the front of my Axe-Fx III. Before, I could actually hear my DI Signal coming through my Processed Signal on my custom preset for recording. It sounded horrible! But, the DI signal remains VERY HIGH on my re-amping tracks in Studio One 2. It just isn't really audible anymore through my Processed Signal, which I am thankful for even though the DI Signal still remains high on my DI Tracks for the Instrument Input.

Also when I record, I have to crank Output 1 all the way up on the front of my Axe-Fx III to barely even hear what I had recorded on any of my tracks in Studio One 2. Do I have to increase playback volume through Studio One 2 somehow to fix that? Is it an interface issue with my Axe-Fx III? I have tried time and time again, but can't seem to figure out what it is I need to do with any of these issues.

This is absolutely killing me! I have been trying to figure this out for a whole month now, looking over the manual with hardly any progress whatsoever. Funny thing is that it wasn't like this when I first started recording with it. I must've done something to create the problem I am having. I have also been using the same exact guitar for playing and recording when this problem started occurring. I really need your guys' help with this. Your help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you!
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