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Hi cut control taper on class A amps


Power User
This may not be a bug. If the control is working as designed, please re-post to the wish list.

I find the high cut control to be very hard to use, apparently because of the taper. On most controls, I literally close my eyes and listen while I turn the knob, so I can find the sweet spot by ear. But on the high cut, the difference between 8.44 and 8.46 on the knob is drastically greater than the difference between 1.00 and 3.00 for example. But for many amps, I find myself needing to use the higher settings on the control, so I have to be careful to make only tiny adjustments as I’m dialing this parameter in.

It may be a log taper or something like that, but if so I would rather this be more linear or even a reverse log taper for this particular control.
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