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Hey there! New to the forums, with a couple of questions!


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Hey there. My name's Carlos. I'm new here, and to the Axe-FX World. I just bought a Standard, which should be getting here shortly. I am looking for the best way possible to amplify it. I mainly play drop-tuned metal, but not restricted to that. I've been reading a lot about power amps/FRFR, and I think I want to go with FRFR. I'm looking at getting an EV ELX112P. My main concern, is if I can get enough volume and clarity if I have to use the Axe-Fx WITHOUT a PA system at any-one gig. An example would be a band practice without vocalist, or a show where there's a poor PA and I'd like to use the Speaker to the front of the audience.

Will this work well, or am I better off getting a 4x12/poweramp? Thanks in advance! :D


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I've been looking into it's little brother, the 1521, as funds are scarce right now, and I'm not gaining money from playing out anyway. But the EV is getting great reviews and can even be found for $500 new.


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Mackie HD1531 seems to be the best/most preferred solution for that situation.

I'm not sure I'd agree with that. Reading all of the opinions on different speakers on this Forum, I don't think one could derive a best/most preferred solution for amplification of the Axe (in any situation...live, studio or rehearsal) there are lots of opinions.

I personally like FRFR. And would encourange anyone to try it. One speaker may or may not be enough for you. You really need to be the judge of that once you hear your Axe through the speaker. If you already have a 4x12 and power amp, this may be a great way for you to get your feet wet with the Axe and get comfortable with dialing in some tones. Or you can also jump right into FRFR and that EV seems to be a popular choice (with a good price point). I would recommend purchasing from a store or website that has a return policy, so you can return the speaker if you are not comfortable with it.

My experience with FRFR....
I only use one 12" powered FRFR (FBT Verve), and I find it to be enough stage volume. But I also run through a PA every night. If I was not running through a PA, I would bring two 12" speakers with me.


I use 2 qsc k12 left and right of stage and its plenty loud. And I got a loud drummer and we play very heavy metal

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Welcome aboard. I'm relatively new to the forums as well, but I think you'll find everyone here is super helpful.

I'm now seriously leaning toward the EV's also. Seems like they are well thought of, and for the price of one QSC I can just about get 2 EV's. If you do end up getting one, I'll be interested to hear your thoughts.


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^I never got your message on the forum. I got my Nitro back today on a trade, and I'm selling it to buy a good cab. Standard should be here tomorrow.


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I actually just snaked an EV from $475 from ebay (I have a K12 now). Should be coming in next week. Will let everyone know how it goes.
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