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Here's a little FW 10 Preview VIDEO


gain is a good thing....
and you can never have too much of a good thing....
I'm so in the same camp as you on this...

and very nicely done - as always...


I love it! great tone and playing and definitely not too much gain:)
Oh and I love the face at the end too:)


Fractal Fanatic
Mark - your vids make me want to buy an Axe II IMMEDIATELY !!

Oh wait ! I already DID buy one partially because of vids of yours I saw on the forum formerly known as HCAF.

Outstanding !!!


Fractal Fanatic
Boy, there just handing out beta 10 to anyone.:D Jk. Great job Mark, you rock buddy. Just because you have your dream job, doesn't mean that you can stop making videos on a regular basis.


Fractal Fanatic
Awesome as usual.

I know that every single firmware that comes out is met with so much hyperbole and probably a good portion of it is utter crap, but there really is something going on with this latest firmware in every clip I've heard so far. Last time I heard something that was such a leap was around the v5 release. I can't imagine anything making such a huge improvement upon what I already thought was great. FW10 has me utterly wetting myself in anticipation. I've been watching your clips for years now and I don't think that you've ever had a better tone.


It's awesome seeing a video from you again...especially w/ such an awesome preview of fw10. BTW, I never heard too much distortion...the 80's are still alive.

Mark Day

FAS Artist-in-Residence
Fractal Audio Systems
dude where have you been!!!
i always loved your videos!
I work 6 days a week so there's not much time unfortunately. LA traffic doesn't get me home until 7pm, eat by 8pm, then try to play a bit....not enough time in a day lol.



Just when I feel like my playing is improving, you go and post a video like this and make me realize I still have a LONG way to go yet. Thanks Mark!
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