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Here's a BRIT SILVER tone that I dialed in....


Well I'd like to say thanks for the guys that helped me with uploading the new 9.0 firmware for my axe fx....I can't thank you enough for you help, you guys (you know who you are) are simply awesome and great people to have on this forum. :)

here is a demo of the amp I've been longing to try on the Axe-Fx 2: The BRIT SILVER...one of my favourite Marshall tones ever \\m//

I put together this little youtube video for you guys in appreciation...don't mind the sloppy van halen type stuff...I was more focused on just riffing out with the amp...feel free to ask me for the settings as well if you like the tone...I'd be more than happy to share...cheers!

Please watch in 720 p for best audio results.... :)
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sounds really great. Very ZZTop-esque. I'd love to have those settings!...
...though I need to download V9.0 first! I'm one of those guys waiting for axe-edit.

Can't wait to go for a Joe Bonamassa tone with this new amp!


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That sounded exactly like a Les Paul through a big bold hot 80's Marshall to me .... very cool


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Nice sound, and playing. Already liking this one a lot too. Cuts through very well.


Great tone and playing! Where do you set your Master volume. I see on your screen you set the drive around 6 O'clock. My guess is your Master is set pretty low according to the pleasing sizzle distortion you get. I thought this amp was meant to be played at high master volume and low drive but hey, there are no rules within the Axe FX 2, whatever sounds good no matter how it is achieve!


Thanks again guys...as some of you know I'm very new to my axe-fx 2 so I'm still learning how to do stuff on it that you guys already know how to do...one being sharing files or presets...when I get some extra tim I can read into this more so I can "email" you guys the presets if you like and all...I'm very flattered that you think its cool...I'm so stoked to learn more about this technology...cheers to all.

Thanks again. also thanks to some that subscribed.... much appreciated.

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