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Help with weird phasing issues in Pitch Block? Possible bug?


So, I had a patch put together for a song I wanted to work on, but the recorded version is a half-step up from my guitar tuning. I threw a Pitch block in the signal path and set the type to Dual Shift. I set both voicings to 1 to sound up a half step and set the mix to 100%. After a minute or so of playing, the sound started losing high-end freqs and then started just phasing in and out as if I had a phaser or flanger turned on. There is a phaser and a flanger in the signal path but they are turned off. The preset is posted below and I am running FW 10.02. I have some sound clips that I could upload as well if necessary.

I have used the pitch block in this way before and don't ever remember having these kinds of issues.

Is this a bug in the 10.02 firmware?? Does this happen to anyone else if they load the preset?

Any idea what the issue might be?


  • PitchBlock-PhasingIssues.syx
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Fractal Audio Systems
Don't set both voices the same or you can get phasing. There's no point in setting both voices the same.


Power User
If you’re just looking to raise your whole guitar pitch by a half-step in the III, you could also set the pitch block ”Type” to “Virtual Capo” and then set the ”Shift” value to 1.


  • PitchBlock-VirtualCapo.syx
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@FractalAudio - I tried your suggestion and I am no longer getting phasing, however, I am getting a strange, subtle, tremolo-type effect happening. The volume is swimming slightly, possibly in the high-end only, although I'm not really sure. Sound clip is attached in the .zip.



  • PhaseIssues.zip
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Tried changing the Pitch Type to Virtual Capo... Same result. The issue resolves in either case if I move the pitch block to the beginning of the path, after the input. Very strange. There were a few stereo effects (Some modulation-type effects) before the Pitch block when it was near the end of the path, however, they are all disengaged, their bypass mode is set to Thru and the Input Mode for the Pitch block was set to Stereo. Not sure what is causing this... ??? Bizarre!
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