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Help with Axe-FX II and Studio One V2


I can't get the Axe setup as an input device in Studio One V2. It's setup just fine as an output device.

The Axe works just fine as an input to Logic. Not sure why it won't work in Studio One.

Can someone please help!?

(I'm not at all an expert on this stuff :))



Btw I'm using the demo version. Maybe audio recording doesn't work on the demo?

On the Options page under Audio Setup, the Audio device that is selected is 'Axe Fx II Audio Out'. The other option is in the drop-down is 'Built-in Output'.

I'm thinking that Audio In is disabled on the demo?


Hi, can you make a tutorial for dummies on how to setup the aggregate device (audio interface + axefx Usb) in Studio One?
Also what tracks we should create for reamping… thanks!
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