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Help with a Tone ( SAGA ) Ian Crichton


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I think this guys playing and crunch is outstanding. I am trying to replicate it with the axe but I guess I do not know enough about Diezel amps. I know Ian uses a Herbert 180w head , and cab for crunch , ROLAND Chorus for cleans , not worried about the Cleans. :)

Can anyone suggest a good starting point and associated cab to get close to this fierce crunch, and sustain he achieves with the AF2 ?
I know there are a few channels on the Herbie , I guess that is what it called in the AF2.

Check this link for some live work. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zK0nkX0k3Zg

Thanks !!


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I can't help you on the tone, but loved listening to this band in the early 80s. I wore the grooves off the "Worlds Apart" album. It's a big edgy tone, with just a little verb maybe. Good luck on tracking it down.


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+1 on the Saga love. Definitely an aquired taste, and it took me quite a while to come around to them but they have some great stuff in their catalog :)
Should not be a hard sound to get.
Here is his rig when my band opened for them.
An EBMM with EMG's was mainly used.

Great guys by the way!



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Thanks Powers of Ten. I wonder what channel, he uses for hi hi gain tone. I understand this amp has 3 channels.
2- gain (plus and minus) ??
3- higher gain.

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