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Help with a CLR repair


I have no ill will towards the company and am not trying to cause them issues but just want my CLR back in working order.

I have seen other posts about escalating repairs with Atomic CLR and wondered if anyone had any advice. My CLR needed work done on the internal power amp and I sent it to be repaired. It is coming up on 6 months now and they are not returning my emails.

I understand we are living in Covid times but I think this goes well beyond reasonable and my patience is at an end. Has anyone else had this happen and was there some way you were able to escalate things?


Randall d

Are you trying to contact them via this email? support@atomicamps.com

They have had a lot of issues with email support over the years. But I know Tom King likes to get these things resolved once you can contact him. He spent a lot of time on the phone with me once while he walked me through a troubleshooting procedure and waited while I tried things to determine the next step (that he would walk me through and so on). Good guy if you can reach him. Maybe post something on TGP about it; that might get his attention. I know it has worked in the past.


Yes, I am using that email. I was wondering if there was another way to contact them that may go around the person that monitors this email account. I have heard that Tom King cares about customer service and I really like the CLR but this repair has fallen through the cracks and something needs to be done to address this. I am not sure how to contact Tom King directly if that is what others have done. I can try on TGP but I don't have an account there and haven't used it before.


Thanks but I have been emailing to him through the support channel and he is the one not returning my emails now. For the record, I have been nothing but polite but my last email I asked to have this escalated since it has taken so long.


Power User
Not sure if you ever got this resolved but I had a similar experience. I sent my CLR power amp in for repair in June of last year and was quoted 2-3 weeks for repair. I would send an email every few weeks asking for a status update and was told mine was next each time. Finally in like October I made a post on TGP calling them out and shortly after Tom King messaged me that they were bumping my repair to the top of the list. Still took another month after that but I eventually got it back in mid-November. The good thing is they fixed it for free and it’s been working great since.
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