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Help the Fight Against COVID-19

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Fractal Fanatic
For the record I believe it is a serious threat, but I don't believe the resulting actions and reactions have been appropriately proportional and we will find years from now that more harm to the greater good of our society was done because of it. AND, there is no justifiable amount of lives that will be lost directly related to COVID19, but we must look at the overall loss to our society and suffering people are and will experience even if they personally don't get sick, die, or know someone who has.
I can't disagree more. No amount of economical loss can justify thousands or millions of lost lives. Economical loss can be recovered after a certain amount of time (if governments work to do so), lost lives are lost forever.


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The way I see it is that we have two options:

1. Panic and participate in the mass hysteria.


2. Relax, take a deep breath, and practice good preventive hygiene such as proper hand washing, etc... wait a minute, hand washing won’t eliminate a virus that is airborne and that can be transmitted by simply breathing. See #1.

Chad Beattie

Our schools are currently on Spring break with students set to return on Monday. They just now announced all of our public schools will be closed next week so they can plan for next steps.


Has anyone here had any family members or friends who have tested positive with Covid 19 and is currently quarantined?
What is their experience so far?
My sister-in-law (She's a Dr. in NYC) is in quarantine. Both her in-laws are positive and are sick at home. She found out on Sunday and it's Friday and she still doesn't have test results back. The testing situation is nothing short of a fiasco and a historic embarrassment. If her test comes back positive, we'll all have to be tested (5 kids) and quarantined.

I would imagine life under quarantine is probably just a function of your personality, and living conditions. House vs. apt, city vs. surburbs etc...
Over 59,000 die yearly due to flu just in the US alone...see for yourself....

This is mass hysteria created by the MSM
edit: number now reflects 2018 of > 59,000
This is different from the flu.
1. We have vaccine for the flu.
2. The flu onset is more immediate, and makes the affected people not be able to carry out daily activities relatively sooner within the incubation/infectious period. My opinion is that this is one of the several factors playing into the higher R0 seen with this virus.
3. The number of infected are unknown.

Plus comparing absolute numbers between flu and Covid is meaningless. As of now, everything is pointing to this being worse than the flu.

I am glad that local authorities are finally stepping in to put in social distancing measures. Even though I think this should have started few weeks ago. And panic/hysteria/whatever else it is called and taking common sense precautions are not mutually exclusive. I am very concerned with this even though we are taking the basic precautions. The primary concern/frustration we share is that administration level efforts (increased testing capacity, social distancing measures) should have been instituted far before. Especially since we already knew the impact it can have if left unmitigated (China). We had the knowledge of the disease, we understood what needed to be done, we just didn’t do it.


For the record I believe it is a serious threat, but I don't believe the resulting actions and reactions have been appropriately proportional and we will find years from now that more harm to the greater good of our society was done because of it.

If you look at the data, the area in the world where Covid-19 spread is coming under control is China... which enforced aggressive, draconian type measures last month - to quarantine and shut down entire areas of the country... The Chinese govt has taken it very seriously, plus scared the shit out of the rest of their population, leading to self quarantine of much of the rest of the country. That appears to have worked. Do you have a different interpretation of this? (read the Medium article by Tomas Pueyo if you want a really great, cognitive analysis of this data and how China has dealt with the situation)

In the rest of the world, we're currently seeing logarithmic growth of cases. Here's the latest chart as of yesterday: (this should at least raise and eyebrow for you)


The actions / reactions that are currently being taken by business leaders and local government leaders ARE appropriately proportional, if not a couple weeks too late. The closures of large gatherings and schools is going to lead to a slowdown of this growth, and within days, we should see this curve ease, as it did in China once they started locking down and quarantining regions. The more we do to quarantine and isolate and disinfect now, the better this curve will look in coming days and weeks. If we don't take these very appropriate actions, then this logarithmic curve will continue, and it will have devastating effects in short, medium and long term.


I only run a single computer, no idea what you guys are running your folding on. My GPU makes the biggest contribution to the points.
Ah. GPU. I can't use the GPU on the Mac to fold faster, unfortunately. I might enlist the PCs in the house this weekend.


People around the US nation still don’t believe any of this is real as of now, people I know too.


Apparently Kushner is a major part of the response team and got suggestions via Facebook via someone else for the official gov response. Also supposedly had a hand in writing the recent national address laden with wrong information.

Medicaid blocked for coronavirus treatments.

More states and institutions handling this on their own by shutting things down while waiting for the “anyone can get a test” tests.

Numbers seem slow to be reported.

I hope this doesn’t count as political, I’m just repeating facts/articles I’ve read just now.

We need help. We need to handle this ourselves it seems, at least the “staying safe” part. People are already getting short-tempered in their day to day. Resources and supplies are not available.

Everyone stay safe, think for yourself, and don’t worry about being judged for taking necessary precautions.

Donnie B.

1. Panic and participate in the mass hysteria.
2. Relax, take a deep breath, and wash your hands.


Dr. Dipwad

Even if the real number of infected people is 50 times higher as someone else said (I doubt it) it would still be the 1.25% of the population here in Italy and it already made more victims than the seasonal flu (with 6-7 millions estimated infections, 10-12% of the population).

That was me, but if you read my post, hopefully I'm being pretty clear that I'm making a joke:

After I first posted it, I was worried that my humor there might have been a bit too dry and some folk might misunderstand, so I put the smiley-faces in to clarify.

Donnie B.

I would imagine life under quarantine is probably just a function of your personality, and living conditions.

Amazon just delivered all of the essentials. Wife and I will be good.

IF I'm understanding this cartoon correctly (and that's a big IF), the people who are panicking and overreacting are causing the most detriment to their group by causing the death of the one guy who says "Just relax man." ?? Hmmm... interesting scenario... ;)

Ever seen the movie Mayhem with Steven Yeun from TWD? Kinda right for the times and a good way to laugh off 90 minutes.


The correct number is....42 !

And I’ve added to my complex calculations the fact that recovered people can stay contagious weeks after the disappearance of the fever...


I don't see a need to panic. Cover your bases where you can. Unfortunately, your limitations at this point are because of other people doing things like panic buying five years worth of toilet paper. Keep your gas tank full, make sure you have food in case of some supply chain hiccups or are forced to stay inside. A lot of things you can't do anything about. If people start making a run on the gas stations next, I guess that'll put an end to me getting to work, as my Jeep only gets 14mpg.

The difference between what you read online vs what I see outside I very different. Online is extremes. Outside, most people seem pretty mellow about things right now. My parents in TN went to a convention this weekend, full of mostly old people. I had no idea it was on their agenda. I'm more surprised that the organization didn't cancel it.


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it's all similar to the story if Noah's Arc...
Noah says... it's going to rain, I'm building a boat....build a boat.
And they say... sounds like fake news

Then when its flooding... people are screaming... let me on the boat.... and he doesn't let them on
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