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Help Setting up Axe FX II XL with RJM Mastermind GT16


New Member
I use a Kemper Profiler as my main amp, and recently picked up an RJM Mastermind GT16 and an AXE FX II XL because I want to use the Axe in the effects loop of the Kemper as an effects processor because I prefer the Axe's effects. I want to run a setup to my RJM Mastermind GT16 to process all of that. I want to set it up based on how my Kemper is setup:

Song 1:
Kemper: Clean Axe FX Preset 0 Scene 1
Kemper: Crunch Axe FX Preset 0 Scene 2
Kemper: Rhythm Axe FX Preset 0 Scene 3
Kemper: Solo Axe FX Preset 0 Scene 4

Song 2:
Kemper: Clean Axe FX Preset 1 Scene 1
Kemper: Crunch Axe FX Preset 1 Scene 2
Kemper: Rhythm Axe FX Preset 1 Scene 3
Kemper: Solo Axe FX Preset 1 Scene 4


How Difficult is this? I am brand new to MIDI so I am not sure what I am doing. I am currently doing: RJM Mastermind MIDI out ------ Phantom Power Adapter---- Midi out and in to kemper out and in.... Then Kemper thru ----- Axe FX II XL midi in.

Is this the proper setup for the midi out and in to Axe FX? So far I have been able to get the kemper amp to the RJM and have been able to setup my "song 1, Song 2, etc", but I want it setup so that the Axe FX scenes are on the second row of screens when my bottom row shows "clean, crunch, rhythm, solo". I am not sure if the RJM is reading the AXE FX correctly because I am not sure if I have the wiring setup correctly for it. Any help would be amazing.


New Member
Appreciate the response. That is a very informative wiki. However, when I am running the in/out with kemper do I run the kemper "thru" to the axe midi in or out?


New Member
So I got the scenes in the second row where I wanted them, however when i click scene changes the scenes on my axe FX do not change.


New Member
I want the "Clean VH4" linked to Preset 1 Scene 1 on my Axe. I want "crunch" linked to Preset 1 Scene 2, etc. Both Clean VH4 and Crunch are connected to my Kemper Presets. Now currently, It is doing that correctly:

Clean VH 4 Kemper = Preset 1 Scene 1 Axe FX
Crunch Kemper = Preset 1 Scene 2 Axe FX
Rhythm Kemper = Preset 1 Scene 3 Axe FX

here is where it gets dicy and im not sure why or how to fix....
Lead Kemper = Preset 4 Scene 1 Axe FX
Solo Kemper = Preset 5 scene 1 Axe FX


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