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Help please :: Specific two amp (kinda stereo) setup question(s)


Hi there fellow FX8ers,

I would love to set up two amps in the following configuration with my FX8 (MKI, works a charm):

Amp1 is being used as the main amp including it's FX Loop
Amp2 is being used as a "Wet / Additional effects / stereo effect" amp only

My signal chain goes like this:

Main chain:
Guitar -> FX8 In [PRE] -> FX8 L Out [PRE] -> Amp1 Preamp Input -> Amp1 FX Loop Send -> FX8 L In [POST] -> FX8 L Out [POST] -> Amp1 FX Loop Return

And additionally for Amp2:
FX8 R Out [POST] -> Amp2 Preamp Input

Now what I've tried to do was adding a Reverb in the Post section of a configuration and using the Balance parameter set fully to the right in order to have the effect only audible on the second amp (FX8 R POST Out), but NOT on Amp1.
That did work in part, the Reverb was audible on the second amp, but as I turned the Reverb's Balance to the right, the signal gradually disappeared from the main Amp1 accordingly until Amp1 was completely silent with the Balance set fully to the right.
What's happening?

Could someone give me a few hints what to do to be able to use one or more effects ONLY on the second, right "Amp2"?

Do I need to add an additional jumper cable from FX8 R Out [PRE] to FX8 R In [POST] to make it work?

Thank you all very much!

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Add a block like vol/pan or filter in parallel with the Reverb, then set its balance left.

Additional effects in series with reverb (heard only at Amp 2) would generally need their own parallel blocks to pass dry in left channel. If they're set to be parallel with reverb you'd only need the one block mentioned earlier.
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