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HELP!! Output 1 Clipping With High Gain Patches

Hi There!!

I bought the Creative Live class bundle with Cooper Carter to learn how to make my way around the AxeFx II XL. On the chapter where he makes a high gain patch I followed along but noticed the Output 1 Clip light literally staying on 100% of the time. All of my guitars have the same Suhr Aldrich Signature Models in them be it my Strat styles or my Les Pauls. I set the input level perfect. No issues there at all.

Here's something I find odd though. I purchased all but cabinet pack number 4 from the company store and with this high gain setting in particular I noticed that some of the cabinet models cause the output to clip harder than others as well although any clipping usually happens when I am palm muting a straight 4/4 pattern.

How do I fix this exactly? Is there a certain area I need to pay attention to on the adjustment end and if so which one?

Thanks everyone.


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From this WIKI Preset level - Axe-Fx II Wiki

Preset level: about output clipping

--When the red “Out1 Clip” LED blinks, the digital signal is too hot (loud). The level knobs on the front panel have no effect on clipping, because they control the analog circuitry and come after the digital-to-analog converter. Clipping occurs at the digital output stage only, you cannot clip an individual block. Digital clipping does NOT harm the Axe-Fx.
--IMPORTANT: there is no relationship between Input Level and output clipping! The Input Level parameter only controls the signal-to-noise ratio at the input stage and does not affect gain in the signal chain.
--Severe clipping will cause digital audio distortion (crackle) which you want to avoid. This kind of clipping is not related to amp distortion. This digital distortion doesn't occur immediately when the Clip LED light, there's still some headroom left. Cliff: "Brief excursions into clipping may not light the clip LED long enough to be noticeable but can be audible. There is a hard limiter prior to D/A conversion that prevents wrap-around but if your preset is too hot you can hit that limiter which will sound nasty. As a rule of thumb, a preset shouldn't clip regardless of the pickups used. If you plug in a hotter guitar and the output clips, then your amp block output level is too high." And: "The LED comes on around 1-2 dB below actual clipping (source).
--You can reduce the digital signal level in any block by turning down level. But the best places are: the Amp block Level parameter and the preset output Level (grid output). You can check the output level in Utility > Status Meters.
--There is a separate clip LED for Output 2. This level is controlled through Global EQ for Out2, and FXL block if present.
--Forum member Chris of Katsu Kuri made this video about gainstaging and preventing clipping.


Turning down the output level in the amp block(s) seems to affect the tone but is it true that the tone is clearly unaffected by reducing the amp level(s) to eliminate clipping (output 1)?


Turning down the output level in the amp block(s) seems to affect the tone but is it true that the tone is clearly unaffected by reducing the amp level(s) to eliminate clipping (output 1)?
It absolutely does not affect the "tone." It does affect the perceived volume in the room. To compensate, turn up the Output Knob on the front panel or the amp volume, PA, etc. back to the same perceived volume.

You need to not clip digitally first and foremost. After that is taken care of, use the tools I mentioned to balance it for the room loudness/perceived volume.
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