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Help Needed with MFC - Not sure if Mechanical or Software/Setting Related


The Axe-Fx II and MFC 101 have the latest updates, are connected with a Cat-5, and the MFC is in Axe-fx Mode using 5 Presets.

Everything was working fine 2 weeks ago. The next time I connected the units, I found that IA switches 16 & 17 (Tap Tempo & Tuner) are not working. When I depress IA 16 or IA 17, both switches "feel" and click properly. But when I depress either IA switch, Red lights appear above IA 16, IA 17 and Reveal for about 3 seconds and then the red lights turn off. Neither the MFC or the Axe-fx switch to tuner mode and the tempo does not change.

I can switch Presets using IAs 1-5, and activate IAs 6 thru 15, and Bank Up and Down.
I conducted a Reset of the MFC; Reset of the Axe-fx; and switched Cat-5 cables.

Although I use the front panel only (No AxeEdit), I never made any Setting changes between uses. In fact, I shut the unit down two weeks ago and started it back up on Sunday to find this issue.

Any suggestions?


Have you tried resetting the MFC and then re-programming it? That seemed to work for a bunch of people after upgrading to the latest firmware.


Thanks for your input Rich!

After I posted here, I realized that upon "booting up" the MFC the lights on the MFC scanned from 1 thru 15 and edit. And not 16, 17 and Reveal. As a result, I contacted fractal support (Fractal Audio - Powered by Kayako Resolve Help Desk Software). Matt responed with 2-3 hours and advised that the top row ribbon cable may have popped off. Rather than shipping it to Fractal, I decided to open the unit myself since I am out of warranty. Sure enough, I re-seated all of the ribbon cables and the unit is working properly.

Thanks Rich! and Thanks Matt for the quick response!
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