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Help my compressor sound more country? Preset attached


Like the title says, I need help with my compressor settings to make it sound a little more "Country" haha. (also sorry if this is not the right category for this). The way I use this patch is like its a single channel amp, and a pedalboard with it. I play a fairly eclectic variety of music, and typically switch out my guitar or change my playing style to fit it. Im happy with almost every sound on the patch with the exception of the compressor. Previously I would only use compression for slide, but I recently started working on my country chops and figured that it is a pretty vital piece of the country sound. Preset is attached and below are a couple vids using the preset and compressor. Also forgive me for posting instagram links... its currently the only place I have uploaded sound bites.
Thanks in advance!



  • Base Stereo.syx
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You may already have what you need, but FYI there is a factory preset titled 'Old New Country'. It might be worth your while to check out the compressor block.
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