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Help!!! MFC-101 and Boss FV-500


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I recently purchased a Fractal Axe FX II and a MFC-101. I am trying to set up the units to just run a Whammy effect on certain patches and a Wah on others using a Boss FV-500. I figured out how to calibrate the pedal, but am MAJOR lost from there. Any help here will be greatly appreciated. :roll

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Set it up as an external pedal in the Axe Fx. Meaning it's connected to your MFC, set it to the CC you want, then go to the IO menu where the midi settings are, then set it up to "learn" the expression pedal as External 1.

Then in your patches, set the modifier to external 1. The patches with the wah will have External 1 for the frequency value, and the patches with whammy will have external 1 for the pitch value.


i highly recommend NOT changing the numbers in the Axe FX I/O menu. Leave them at default as much as possible.

Instead, look in the I/O - CTRL menu and see what CC# External 1 is by default: 16.

On the MFC, change XP1 to CC# 16.

Then assign the parameters to External 1.

No reason to change anything in the I/O menu (for this purpose), as everything has its own CC# already, just use those.


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thank you for all your help! I am a bit confused where you say "assign the parameters to external 1"??? Can you please walk me thru this in detail?


I am a bit confused where you say "assign the parameters to external 1"??? Can you please walk me thru this in detail?
Let's take a wah-block as an example. I am going to assume you have followed chrisallen8888 instructions or you can also just connect your expression-pedal in EXP2; it already has (by default) CC#16 assigned (so you do not need to assign or change anything).
  1. Put in a wah-block in your preset
  2. Select the "Control" parameter in your wah-block
  3. Press "ENTER" in Axe-Fx or right-click in Axe-Edit
  4. Select "Source" (Axe-Fx) or "Source-Controller" (Axe-Edit)
  5. Assign "Extern 1"
  6. Move your expression-pedal and watch how the "dot" in the graph moves
  7. You should hear wah-wah-wah or perhaps Voodoo Chile?

Good luck.
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i've made some videos about the mfc and expression pedals but youtube has had errors the last 2 days when uploading. they should be up sometime today so check the AXE II forum for the links.


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I am sorry that I spoke prematurely on making this work! Using Axe Edit I was able to work thru your instructions easily, however the problem is in connecting my Axe FX II with the new MFC-101....I have my MFC set up to work on EXP1 and it is calibrated thru the MFC-101...I played with your instructions on Axe Edit this morning and was able to do it....but now I need to interface the Axe FX to the MFC....I ONLY want the expression to control wah and whammy effects ...I would be much appreciated, and even offer to pay you, if you can walk me thru this process so I can make this work.

I have been spoiled in the past as I have always had Bob Bradshaw of CAE build my rigs. I love this Axe FX and how portable it is as I tour doing over 200+ dates a year and this one unit sounds as good as my 24 space rack!

Thank you for all of for help. I will anxiously await your reply.


click the link in my post above "watch my videos."

the links to the videos are under the text "the videos are on my blog at"
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