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Help finding Cliff's Mojave Peacemaker Patch ...?


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A little help here please !

I looked all over Axechange and couldn't find it ....

I know I'm probably doing something wrong ..., but damn if I know what ?

TX -


There isn't one. He just wrote that he combined the Plexi with the T-75 and 4x12 75w and got a sound close to it.


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I thought mentoneman said he downloaded it from Axechange ?!?

mentoneman said:
preset manager still scares me although i have successfully loaded the violin patch, scott lerner's dumble patch, cliff's peacemaker patch and jocce's killer tri stereo patches..oh and marco's andromeda patch...so i can get things in but don't know how to copy my patches safely to a path out yet.


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yek said:
Aha, so there is one ... Share pls?
Here it is: Came from 9.02 poll thread about page 26 on the general discussion forum ....


One Caveat: I think it might have been done prior to 9.0 ? Certainly it was done prior to 9.02 .... And Cliff used the 4x12 75W and 4x12 T75 cabs. But the Mojave clips used a stock 4 x 12 cab loaded with G12H-30's.

I haven't had time to load it up and try it yet ( will do tonight ) ....


I checked the Mojave sound....wow, great...
But I think Clif will work on it :D
I am waiting for new updates :lol:
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