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Help Fill My 10 Slots With Red Wirez -Hard Rock to Clean


This week I got my second Axe and it's time to fill 'em both up for the first time. I want to fill the 10 IR slots up with a 10 IR starter basket... all from Red Wirez to start getting into repeat customer discount land.

I'd like the best 60's and 70's IR to range from hard classic rock like Zep, ZZ, Zappa and Hendrix through to Dire Straits and New Wave to the Wrecking Crew to 70's shimmering cleans mush like Bread.

Please shoot me your absolute favorite, must-have RedWirez impulse recommendations. Thanks.

The Great Celestion Alnico Blues are for sure so far.


G12M and Uberkab with V30s using Scott's formula to mix. There's others but these have become my bread and butter.


Scott and Yek (and others) have posted their recipes for IRs and they are fantastic. Currently I am leaving slot 1 open to use as an audition for IRs, and slot 10 is always the acoustic_2048, which is good for acoustic guitar and the violin preset.
Happy hunting!


Fractal Fanatic
For clean bluesier stuff the Twin filled with Jensens and for clean new wave stuff definitely the JC120.

Brian G

For me, the Big Box TweedDeluxeP12R is a staple, particularly for Fender amp models & the Dr. Z amp. I seem to consistently prefer it to the C12N Ceramic (sorry for the incorrect name). I probably haven't given the C12N enough time yet, but initially I found it more mid-scooped than the P12R.

Ditto for the CelestionBlue from the Speakerbox series (haven't tried the Big Box variant). If I had to have only one, this might be it.

From the many favourable comments here, I'm planning to try the Uberkab V30's.

My interests are predominantly clean to mid-gain.
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