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Hello to everybody! :)

Hi Yanni thank you! Because initially, I wanted to introduce my inserting a video from YouTube, but ... it's not been successful because it came out a notification that says this: You need 10 posts before you can add links to your posts! This is used to prevent spam. Now I ask, I can still attach it in this thread? Maybe change the title ... Thanks


Welcome to the club Andrea! I'm sure a lot of folks will recognize you from the Axe Facebook groups and your preset demos, so you're already hitting the ground running here. This introductory post will get you your ten, probably in the next several hours. I'd recommend you look through the preset/tone match/reviews sections. The search function is your friend. I think you will learn a lot of relevant info, and be helpful to us as well.
Ciao dsimms vi ringrazio tanto! Avevo da tempo voleva iscriversi a questo forum, ma essendo io poco pratico e poi in inglese mi ha spaventato un po ' :), ma oggi finalmente ho deciso! E sono molto felice per questo, per essere in grado di condividere con voi ciò che amo! Ho molto da imparare e sono sicuro che questo è il posto:)
Ho visto tanti amici da Facebook, ecc :)
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Hi dsimms I thank you so much! I had long wanted to enroll on this forum but being impractical and then in English it scared me a bit :) but today I finally decided! And I'm very happy for that, to be able to share with you what I love! I have much to learn and I am sure this is the place :)
I've seen many friends from Facebook etc :)
Your English is great, so no worries. We get some real challenging/confusing posts from Axe users that don't speak English, but I've found this group is very flexible in trying to understand the message and help. Google translate helps too.
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