Heavy Devy on EMG tv, Axe-fx II content

I love Devin's work. Great talent. I saw some of the retinal circus live feed when it was being recorded and the sound was very dry and rough so I was not surprised that he did a bunch of over dubs on the final product. I think more effort was made on show production than sound recording unfortunately. I am hoping that the By the Thread DVD is more live.

I do prefer live dvds to be live. I think back to Van Halen's "right here right now" live concert dvd and it is laughable to call that dvd live. Not even the audience cheers are live. Contrast that to VH's "Live with out a net" which is amazing and totally live.
Devin is always a character. He sure has a great voice but I don't think he is even using the AXEFX for anything other than possibly some effects. Look like his tone is the Mesa gear atleast on this performance. Probably using the axe to generate a stereo effect signal between his half stack and that combo.
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